Gear Check


Final gear check just performed and happy to report everything in order! Will do a FINAL final gear check down in Punta Arenas tomorrow when I catch up with guide Jon Schrock and make any last-minute tweaks at that point. Bottom line, we are each given 50lbs weight allowance on the plane from Punta to Union Glacier – not including what we have on our body/back. Having been on enough of these trips in the past I am pretty confident the above articles are 50lbs or less, but once you throw in group gear, etc. our packs will quickly become significantly heavier.

Just noticed some kind words from American Kidney Fund this morning – and really want to thank THEM for their support and encouragement – and giving me this opportunity to once again hit the mountains in Dad’s honor and helping raise awareness for this cause. I can hardly believe but it’s been over 4 years now since Dad passed – the years have been jam-packed with their own events and issues and sometimes it is easy to feel like I am losing connection with Dad. Times like these, I get to reestablish that connection, to reflect, and to continue to make some sense of his passing.

IMG_1265 (1)

So, given it’s 10:15AM and I have to hit the road at noon, time to wrap up this post and get ready to go. I’ll leave you with a view of the Union Glacier camp we will first stop at in Antarctica, before flying to the more remote Vinson Base Camp – here’s hoping the weather is this good!!

A final thank you to everyone who has helped us reach over $7,700 in fund-raising for the American Kidney Fund – and for anyone still interested in donating, chick here.

Next (and likely final) blog posts from Punta Arenas before we leave for Antarctica!


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