Lot of people asking re: itinerary & logistics – so please see expedition details below from the IMG website:

We fly to Punta Arenas, Chile where the trip begins. From here, we fly in a chartered Russian jet to the Union Glacier camp at 80 degrees south latitude. IMG contracts with Antarctic Logistics &Expeditions for this flight and all our logistics in Antarctica. We then fly in a ski-equipped twin-engine Otter to Vinson Base Camp at 79 degrees south latitude. Vinson Base Camp is located approx. 660 miles from the South Pole; the pilots are Antarctic experts.

The trip will take just over two weeks (weather permitting – as flights on/off Antarctica can be delayed due to bad weather) and is open to only six experienced climbers. Two camps will be established above base camp by making a carry to the new camp prior to moving higher. The climbing will consist of extensive cramponing on moderately steep slopes, where the ability to camp and take care of yourself in extreme conditions is very important. Temperatures can drop to minus 40°. You can think of Vinson as a short Denali climb.

Also – a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far – even at this early stage, with several matching donations I know the AKF is currently processing, we are already at over 2/3 ($4,000+) of the fund-raising target ($6,000) – so any who is still interested in donating and helping reach the target, please click here.



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