We left Pheriche and pulled into Lobuche base camp yesterday where we will remain for the next 3 days before moving up the valley to our final destination – EBC.

Our climbing team will accompany the trekkers back down a few days later and will say farewell as they return to Lukla while we do our first acclimatization rotation to the summit of Lobuche (20,075 feet).

On our way up the valley we ran into DJ Paul Oakenfold who is also winding his way to EBC to perform a concert there on the 11th… we are all looking forward to that unexpected entertainment.

Speaking of celebrities, I have encountered 5 great guys from Mexico on our trekking team – and they agreed to give me a “Menudo” snapshot en route… hope to see them all again in Mexico to defrost once this is all over!

We plan to head up to Lobuche high camp tomorrow and then move on to EBC the following day. Next update from there!

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