Expedition schedule

Lots of pals asking about our schedule when on the mountain – how long does it take to get here or there? How much time spent acclimating? How long for the actual final climb? See below for our planned itinerary… I am reminded of the saying “men plan, god laughs”… well, we’ll still plan – and can only hope Chomolungma (local name for Everest, meaning “goddess mother of the world”) doesn’t laugh too hard.

Date Location
Sunday, March 26 Leave USA (Newark)
Monday, March 27 Arrive Delhi (India)
Tuesday, March 28 Arrive Kathmandu
Wednesday, March 29 Kathmandu
Thursday, March 30 Phakding
Friday, March 31 Namche
Saturday, April 1 Namche
Sunday, April 2 Namche
Monday, April 3 Tengboche
Tuesday, April 4 Pangboche
Wednesday, April 5 Pheriche
Thursday, April 6 Pheriche
Friday, April 7 Lobuche BC
Saturday, April 8 Lobuche BC
Sunday, April 9 Lobuche BC
Monday, April 10 Everest BC
Tuesday, April 11 Everest BC
Wednesday, April 12 Everest BC
Thursday, April 13 Lobuche BC
Friday, April 14 High camp
Saturday, April 15 Summit day
Sunday, April 16 Back to EBC
Monday, April 17 Everest BC
Tuesday, April 18 Everest BC
Wednesday, April 19 Everest BC
Thursday, April 20 Everest BC
Friday, April 21 Camp 1
Saturday, April 22 Camp 1
Sunday, April 23 Camp 2
Monday, April 24 Camp 2
Tuesday, April 25 Return
Wednesday, April 26 Everest BC
Thursday, April 27 Everest BC
Friday, April 28 Everest BC
Saturday, April 29 Everest BC
Sunday, April 30 Everest BC
Monday, May 1 Camp 2
Tuesday, May 2 Rest
Wednesday, May 3 Camp 3 sleep
Thursday, May 4 Camp 2
Friday, May 5 Everest BC
Saturday, May 6 Everest BC
Sunday, May 7 Everest BC
Monday, May 8 Everest BC
Tuesday, May 9 Everest BC
Wednesday, May 10 Camp 2
Thursday, May 11 Camp 2
Friday, May 12 Camp 3
Saturday, May 13 Camp 4
Sunday, May 14 Summit
Monday, May 15 Camp 2
Tuesday, May 16 Everest BC
Wednesday, May 17 Everest BC
Thursday, May 18 Pheriche
Friday, May 19 Namche
Saturday, May 20 Lukla
Sunday, May 21 Kathmandu

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