I had the honor of attending Advocates Day in D.C. and got to meet a remarkable group of folks – almost all suffering from kidney disease – and doing it with such dignity and strength that it was truly humbling to be around them. I take strength from their strength and quite honestly – can see there are much harder mountains to climb than Mt. Everest!

Very unexpectedly, I ended up on Fox5DC Good Morning D.C. to talk about the upcoming climb, fundraising efforts for the AKF and our advocating later that day on Capitol Hill, when I got to meet folks from the offices of congressman Albio Sires and senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker. Fascinating day for a politics nerd and all the better that we got the message out on allowing charities such as the AKF to assist patients without the means to support themselves – we can only hope the politicians listen.

Link to the TV piece: Fox5 Good Morning DC



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